Recycling & E-waste


Disposing of your end-of-life IT assets in an environmentally friendly manner.

Ameta will assist you with managing and disposing of that said equipment in a safe, compliant, and environmentally responsible way. Due to government regulations, there are rules that most companies must follow pertaining to the disposal of EOL IT equipment. The main directives are the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) directive, as well as the 1998 Data Protection Act and GPDR – all require that businesses dealing with sensitive data keep that data backed up and secured at all times.

Data Erasure Program
The 1998 Data Protection Act does not require all companies to discard their data. However, we strongly recommend that you have the data properly – and safely – discarded from your equipment. Our Data Erasure Program will help you with this task.

Recycling Program
You can help reduce e-waste and follow the environmental regulations set by the government when you dispose of your IT equipment. Respecting the environmental regulations of your country is essential when disposing of your IT equipment. Ameta recycle various types of IT equipment, from hard drives, workstations and servers, to arrays and mainframes. We will pick up your equipment from any country around the world to ensure that it is disposed of at one of our partners’ recycling locations. We also certify that the pickup was successful by supplying you with a certificate of delivery.